It’s The Sanitary Choice

I’m sure most people have had an unpleasant experience with a portable washroom some time in their life. With washrooms it seems that we all have our own level of tolerance when it comes to the comfort of our environment. Sometimes you just have to go when you’ve got to go.

Pioneer Sanitary Solutions believes that choosing to utilize a portable washroom shouldn’t have to be scary but instead be a sanitary and comfortable experience. Here are some ways the Sanitation and comfort of our portable washrooms make sense:

Proper hand washing with hot and cold running water

– Handwashing reduces the spread of germs.

In the workplace handwashing can reduce the amount of workplace illnesses that occur which in turn negatively impacts workforce productivity.

Help protect your family, friends, and clients from the spread of germs by providing handwashing at your event or wedding. You don’t want getting sick to be the memories they build.

Washrooms with lighting, heat, air conditioning, flush toilets and no odor shows you care

In the workplace providing proper comfortable washroom facilities shows you are a quality employer. A company with a reputation of being a quality employer will attract and retain higher quality employees. Visiting clients and business partners will also reflect on the quality of your worksite and washrooms can play an important role.

For events comforts are especially critical when taking care of your VIP’s, volunteers and performers. Cold seats, sweat boxes, offensive smells and dark tight spaces just won’t cut it. Treat your guests to an environment that will make them feel welcome and pleasant.


Our trailers are self-contained, winterized/insulated, rigid and level

The tanks in our trailers each have a secondary shell to prevent any leaks. The insulation and winter package reduces the chances of any freezing damage in the winter. Each our trailers have been utilized in the northern winter climate. There is no fear of a washroom tipping or wobbling like a porta potty.

Well lit toilet trailers with male and female separation

Each washroom trailer is very well lit on the inside and out. Proper lighting will assist protecting the employee or guest from slips, trips and falls.

Women often prefer to have their own washrooms separate from the men for safety, security, and privacy. Often worksites are required to provide separate washrooms for each sex.

We take safety seriously

All trailers are ULC and CSA approved. Pioneer Sanitary Solutions is CORE certified in both Alberta and BC. Pioneer Sanitary Solutions is also fully insured and bondable. With an established safety program and culture, Pioneer Sanitary Solutions employees always think safety first.